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We help them build and launch new digital products, and serve as their outsourced digital-innovation team to test new ideas.


A data-integration platform for real-time operational responses.

Our experience with DI has been inspirational, motivational, and visionary. What began as design sprint for a singular program function blossomed into a realistic centralized blueprint for airport operations command and control.

— Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer at CVG Airport
5+ Years of Partnership


The world’s first spiritual fitness app.

Differential is a force multiplier for Crossroads. They’ve integrated with our staff teams as a key partner and are key players in both the discovery and delivery of compelling digital products that have become core to our users’ experience.

— Matt Welty, Technology Leader/Pastor
Crossroads Anywhere

Big Ass Fans

A sales tool for quoting and visualizing highly engineered solutions.

With Differential we feel we’re simply working with our colleagues. We are very much one team working towards a common goal.

North Point

Custom product development and support.

We truly see Differential as an extension of our team and not just a vendor. When we partnered with Differential for development resources their team was able to dig in and learn our ecosystem, which includes several custom applications written in different technologies. They have done a little bit of everything — build new applications, enhance existing systems, deploy bug fixes, and assist with DevOps and regular maintenance to keep our organization’s technology running.

— Brandy Stead, Projects Director and Russell Todd, Development Director
North Point Circles
Apollos App

The Apollos Project

Technology platform for churches to launch their own apps.