We're Differential.

A remote-friendly digital products company made up of product people with startup, corporate innovation, and technology experience in our roots.

Years Running
Digital Products
Avg. Years of Experiences

Continuous Improvement is our superpower

We constantly look to improve, find what’s working, and figure out what isn’t. We’re natural problem-solvers, striving to be the best versions of ourselves.

Core Values

We take pride in our Core Values.

Because they're more than a plaque on a wall.

Less, but Better

We focus on getting the right stuff done, not the most stuff.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We take ownership and pride in our work and move at startup speed.

Invest in People

We invest in the relationships with our co-workers, clients, friends, and family. Because work is more than a job.


We are relentless, determined, and dedicated doers.

Ego-free Communication

We believe in transparent and humble communication, asking for help, owning mistakes, and a willingness to over-share for the greater good.

Do the Right Thing

We believe in being good people and value integrity & honesty.

Land the Plane

We finish tasks, tie up loose ends, and follow up with our to-dos.

Leadership team

Meet the minds behind Differential.

David Woody
Chief Executive Officer
Sean McCosh
Chief Growth Officer
Drew Barontini
Product Director of EASE
Conrad VanLandingham
Managing Partner of Apollos
Chris Ames
Director of Innovation
Stephen Saunders
Managing Director of EASE

Backed by an experienced team of 50+ designers, developers, and strategists.

Work at Differential.

Join our team and come do your best work.