Good people & meaningful ideas

We believe in a company that's focused on building great lives for our employees and bringing great digital products to life. We know that we (probably) won’t be the last company you’ll ever work for, but we dream to be the last kind of company you’ll ever want to work for.

We partner with category leaders to launch great digital products.

We believe in teaching our clients a better approach to delivering digital products. We launch early and iterate continuously. We work in 6-week cycles and cool-down for 2 weeks to re-coup and plan. We shape work together as a team cross-functionally. We target and identify risks early to prepare for them. We relentlessly scope-hammer.

You get to do your best work.

Make products,
grow ventures.

We’re entrepreneurs at heart. As such, we seek opportunities to launch successful ventures around some of the best products we’ve shipped. We call these product partnerships: we deploy our sales, marketing and support infrastructure while we continue to drive the product forward as an in-house venture. For our clients, that means we are more then an agency: we are a strategic partner with unlimited upside.

For you, that means the variety of agency work, with diverse growth potential in multiple budding startups.

Make connecting with God and community a daily habit. Trusted by many of the nation’s leading churches.

Predict and solve airport operations problems before they exist so that we can create a better experience for air travelers all over.

A proven experience for hosting effective guided learning with others. Raised $100 million+ in donations with partners.

Core Values

These aren’t just things we believe in, they guide all we do in service of our mission and one another.

Less, but Better

We focus on getting the right stuff done, not the most stuff.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We take ownership and pride in our work and move at startup speed.

Invest in People

We invest in the relationships with our co-workers, clients, friends, and family. Because work is more than a job.


We are relentless, determined, and dedicated doers.

Ego-free Communication

We believe in transparent and humble communication, asking for help, owning mistakes, and a willingness to over-share for the greater good.

Do the Right Thing

We believe in being good people and value integrity & honesty.

Land the Plane

We finish tasks, tie up loose ends, and follow up with our to-dos.

Life at Di.

We’re committed to your growth, health, and career.


Work from anywhere. You can also enjoy the office in Cincinnati or we’ll pay for you to work from a co-working space.

Yearly Gatherings

We gather in person a few times a year to connect as a team, discuss the future of the company, retreat, and co-work.

Freedom & Flexibility

We want you to work when it’s most opportune to do good work, and to do your life when it’s most opportune to do your life.

Coaching & Mentoring

Every team member has regular access to leadership and a coaching program designed to look at employment as an alliance.

Unlimited Vacation

...and we mean it. Folks are encouraged to disconnect and recharge. We believe time away is essential to doing your best work.

Retirement Plans

Traditional and Roth 401k plans plus company matching. So some day, you won’t have to work.

Flexible Stipend

Buy (and own) the equipment you need to do your job better. Top-of-the line MacBook, office equipment, etc.

Gather Stipend

We encourage you to gather with others when you can, and we’ll pay for you to spend time together with your team.

Health Insurance

We offer health insurance plans that work best for you and your family.

Company Handbook

For more information and complete details, see the employee handbook.

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