A startup-like approach to building digital products.

No six-month design discoveries or two-year development plans. It comes down to solving business problems, so we partner with you to de-risk new initiatives and guide you on the journey.

Reducing risk at every step along the way.

New ideas — especially innovative ones — have a lot of unknowns and uncertainties at the start. Our process addresses the biggest and scariest ones early, so we can achieve the business value with the least amount of investment.

Our Process

Define the problem


De-risk the solution


Deliver the results


Product Process 🚀

Differential’s product process helps our designers, developers, and strategists produce their best work. And helps us build some pretty great digital products. Here’s a quick breakdown of that process.

Building great digital products is a journey. We'll do it together.

1-2 weeks


Our strategists work to define the problem, business opportunity, and target users. We’ll help you cast vision of the digital product that helps you get buy-in.

3-4 weeks

Design Sprint

A step-by-step process for solving big problems, creating new products, or improving existing ones. It compresses months of work into a few weeks, resulting in a high-fidelity interactive prototype that is tested with real users.

12-16 weeks

Version 1

Rapidly build the first version of a new digital product with a dedicated Product Team that includes Product Leadership, Design, Consulting, and Developers.

3-12 month contracts

Product Team

A Dedicated Product Team of Designers and Developers, led by a Product Manager, iterate the product through the Product Roadmap, rapidly unlocking value for your users.


Maintain & Support

No more new development needed? That’s ok! Differential will continue to support the product, typically through annual contracts. We're there with you.

Skills & Capabilities

Everything you need to build & launch a great digital product


Product Strategy
Customer Discovery
User Research
Competitive Analysis
Vision Roadmap
Code Audit


Design Sprints
Design Systems
Sketch Concepts


Web Applications
iOS & Android Applications
IoT Integrations
Technical Architecture
Data Schema
JavaScript, Node.js
React, React Native

Product Management

Cycle Planning
Feature Prioritization
Hosting & Maintenance
User Support & Feedback
Cost Optimization
User Analytics