To Do Meaningful Work

Sean McCosh

We are lucky that we work with amazing organizations, who do meaningful work. The digital products we build range from helping people treat their chronic pain, enhance their personal safety, and help them take brave steps toward an uncertain, but more hopeful future.

The through-line of the projects we dive into is that they're meaningful. Of course, not all of our partners' projects are perfectly altruistic - but we only work with digital products that are meaningful and valuable; aligned with our values. We turn down far more projects than we take on. I love that.

One of the strategies that guides us towards working with great partners and being proud of our work is how we lean on our mission to decide which projects to pour ourselves into, and which ones to take a pass on.  

Our mission is:

To Rapidly Unlock Value for Good People with Meaningful Ideas.

As a quick example, this week we launched a very simple fundraising site for one of our favorite partners - Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Crossroads is raising money to reclaim, revive and redeem a historic landmark in urban Cincinnati - Old Saint George Church, in the heart of Clifton near the University of Cincinnati.  The site we built is simple, by design.  But the vision behind it is big.  What looks like a simple "Kickstarter-like" responsive site is actually a launching pad for life change.  Love it.  

So, how does our mission play out in this example? Well, it's pretty simple. Let's break it down.

To Rapidly Unlock Value:  Crossroads must raise $11 million to realize their vision. This site will be a big part of making that happen... and it will happen.  Crossroads has the track record to prove it.  The site was conceived, built and launched in just a few of weeks.

For Good People:  OK, so you'll have to trust me on this, but these are good people - some of the best we've ever met.  

With Meaningful Ideas:  Just take a couple of minutes to check out and watch the video that tells the story behind the project.  I think you'll agree they're doing meaningful work.

If you're working on something meaningful, we'd love to hear about it, and maybe even work with you on it. Let us know. In the meantime, we'll continue to share meaningful projects we're working on here.